Sept. 16, 2019


The Spinx Company, the Greenville S.C.-based fuel and convenience retail company is excited to ‘make life easier’ through a partnership with Hop In, a free downtown low-speed vehicle ride and shuttle service. In advance of the busy fall season featuring Euphoria and Fall for Greenville, Spinx has begun providing complimentary shuttle rides for the local community looking to travel anywhere from Flour Field to the top of Main street (and back).
The Spinx wrapped Hop In will be driving up and down Main Street during the hours of 10:30 a.m. – dusk., seven days a week. The shuttle can accommodate up to five guests per vehicle and will ultimately aid in the reduction of downtown traffic, as well as help support a growing need for transportation from one end of Main St. to the other.
“We are so excited to partner with Hop In and provide the local community with a complimentary and safe transportation shuttle service,” stated Stewart Spinks. “We are truly making life easier! Sponsoring a vehicle will hopefully bring more aid for those walking around downtown as well as something unique for the community to enjoy while downtown.”
The community is encouraged to simply wave down the Hop In shuttle for a complimentary ride or for $5.00, can call the on-demand number at (650) 670-0076 to request a pick-up at a specific time and location. On occasion, Spinx coupons and gift cards can be found within the Spinx wrapped shuttle for the community to enjoy.