Aug. 11, 2021

Spinks Family Foundation Contributes $250,000 for Bridge in Unity Park

Spinks Family Foundation Contributes $250,000 for Bridge in Unity Park
The Spinks Bridge is second of three pedestrian bridges constructed across Reedy River

Greenville, S.C., Aug. 11, 2021 – The Spinks Family Foundation today announced it has donated $250,000 toward one of three pedestrian bridges crossing the Reedy River in Unity Park.

Crews installed the 110-foot Spinks Bridge over the Reedy near the west boundary of the park this week. The bridge spans the river roughly between Welborn Commons and businesses on the south side of the river.

“Stewart Spinks, founder of Spinx Company, is known for his generous spirit, and the Spinks Family Foundation was established to extend this generosity to support organizations that share our passion for helping children,” said Steve Spinks, CEO of Spinx Company.

The Spinks Bridge will be a key piece of the transformative Unity Park project, designed to restore a half-mile stretch of the Reedy River and create playgrounds, walking trails and green space that encourage recreation, inclusiveness, exercise and sociability for children and families.

“Spinx Company is all about making lives easier and this pedestrian bridge near the center of Unity Park will do just that,” Spinks said. “It is especially rewarding since this investment is in the Community where SPINX was founded and continues to call HOME.”

The prefabricated bridge was transported to the site and lowered into place by crane. The bridge will not be open to pedestrians until the park opens in the spring of 2022.

Construction will soon begin on the third and largest pedestrian bridge. Made of weathered steel, the 165-foot Auro Bridge will be constructed on-site, as specially trained crews suspended on cables work from both sides of the river. Bridge enthusiasts will be able to observe the construction from a special public viewing area adjacent to the new Swamp Rabbit Trail extension that opened last month.

About Unity Park
The 60-acre Unity Park is a transformational public-private project on the west side of Greenville that will knit together historic downtown neighborhoods. The park includes the protection and enhancement of the Reedy River and restoration of the historic Mayberry Park, along with playgrounds, pedestrian bridges, walking trails and visitor center. Its design follows more than a decade of community engagement, including meetings with the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Spinks Family Foundation joins Michelin Corporate Foundation, Duke Energy Foundation, Greenville Water, Auro Hotels, Craig and Vicki Brown, SYNNEX Corporation, Fluor Corporation, the Community Foundation of Greenville and Greenville Women Giving that have publicly announced their partnerships in Unity Park. More than $11 million in private money has been raised for construction of the first phase of the park, scheduled to open in 2022.