If you need a hot, cold, or frozen beverage, our Spinx Drinx selections will be sure to satisfy.


With a variety of fun flavors from blue raspberry to melon berry, you can blend and combine to create your own personalized slushy drink. Spinx Slushies are perfect for summertime, or anytime!


Crisp, cold, and refreshing. Grab a cup,

fill it with our famous Chewy Ice, and choose

one of our many fountain drink options

featuring all of your favorite flavors.

Hot Beverages & 72 Brew

Cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and coffee—it’s coffeehouse quality without the premium price. Our 72 Brew coffee is brewed fresh and available 24 hours a day. Enjoy the rich flavors of our coffee blends and special roasts. Add your favorite fixings from flavored creamers and syrups to whipped cream and marshmallows. Be your own barista at Spinx!


With a variety of delicious flavors, our smoothies

are sure to make your taste buds scream

for more! Pick your favorite - strawberry, 

strawberry banana, mango,or wildberry -

and it will be so tasty, you'll want to try

them all! 


*Available only at select locations*

Cold Brew

Brewed, kept cold, and served over ice, our Cold

Brew is delicious treat no matter the time of day!

Enjoy the rich, smooth flavor and indulge

as often as you desire!


*Available only at select locations*

Iced Coffee

Add ice to cold coffee and its a whole new

level of delicious. Customize your Iced Coffee

however you like and enjoy the delicious, cool taste

of your favorite treat! 


*Available only at select locations*

Ice Cream

Chocolate, Vanilla, or both - our soft serve

ice cream is the best dessert or afternoon

treat. Enjoy a delicious ice cream cone

any time of the day!


*Available only at select locations*

Frozen Coffee

A great frozen treat will have you wanting three

more! Whether you love Mocha, Caramel,

or  French Vanilla, we'll satisfy your

coffee craving from the first sip. Frozen

is the best way to coffee!


*Available only at select locations*


Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, oh my! With

three delicious flavors to choose from, our

milkshakes will certainly satisfy your sweet

tooth! Enjoy your favorite flavor as often as

you please!


*Available only at select locations*