Sept. 16, 2011

Spinx, Pepsi and B93.7 Give Away a New Car and Free Gas for a Year!


Beginning July 25th, the event teams from Spinx and B93.7 visited 2-3 Spinx stores a week for the 44oz Spinx Drinx Cup Stops. At each event, customers received free t-shirts, prizes, Spinx Drinx refills and registered to win the new car and free gas. In all, 20 radio remotes were held over 6 weeks and 200 finalists were chosen from the registered participants.

Each of the 200 finalists were invited to attend the final event on September 7th for the chance to win the new car and free gas. B93.7 did a live broadcast while Pepsi and Spinx served Pepsi Max and Fresh on the Go wraps. Approximately 100 of the finalists attended the event for the lottery ball style reverse drawing. As each number was called, that participant was eliminated…until only 2 contestants remained. After building a bit of crowd suspense, Stewart Spinks drew the final number and Yolanda B was designated the winner. Congratulations to Yolanda and thank you to each customer that particpated in the event.