As Hurricane Florence nears the coast of the Carolinas and heads inland, our thoughts and prayers are with friends and neighbors within its path. We are keeping a close watch on the storm and taking the necessary steps to keep our supplies of fuel and other essentials staples steady. The safety of our customers and teammates are of the utmost importance, and we will monitor the conditions and determine the need to close stores throughout the next few days. We'll continue to update this page with any closings or inventory changes.

We've been riding out storms with our South Carolina friends and neighbors since 1972, and one thing we've learned is that no hurricane is the same. So in the uncertainty of the days ahead, know that the Spinx team is standing by and doing our best to have the essentials if and when you need them.

Store Updates:

All Spinx locations are currently open with sufficent fuel supply and product inventory to meet local demands. Feel free to contact your local Spinx before heading out.