This club level gives you access to our top wash at all Spinx Car Wash locations, which includes a high-end wash plus our Color Wave Super Wax.

$34.99 New Members $17.99*


This club level gives you access to our mid-tier wash at all Spinx Car Wash locations and includes a classic wash plus rain shield, tire cleaner and bug buster.

$29.99 New Members $14.99*


Get in and out quickly with our classic wash that is available at all Spinx Car Wash locations.

$19.99 New Members $9.99*


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Car Wash Features

Spinx has industry-leading automatic washes and new tunnel washes that gently and safely clean your vehicle, leaving it sparkling in a matter of minutes.

Stop by any of our 45+ locations for washes ranging from a basic clean for $5 to premium washes with all the works for up to $20. To make your life even easier, sign up for the Spinx Ride 'N Shine Car Wash Club and wash your car as often as once a day for a low monthly price. Plus, new Wash Club Members get their first 2 months half off!


No one else in South Carolina matches Spinx Ride 'N Shine.

  • Convenient: With 45+ locations throughout the state and most sites operating 24/7, you can get your car cleaned when and where it's convenient for you.
  • Environmentally Friendly: At most locations, our car washes use water reclamation systems to recycle the water, and we use eco-friendly chemicals that are tough on dirt, but gentle on the environment.
  • Options: Spinx Ride 'N Shine offers multiple car wash options to meet your needs...and your budget.

Wash Club RFID Tag Installation Instructions (2.3 MB)

How Do I Sign Up For a Car Wash Club?

Visit any one of our Spinx Ride 'N Shine locations and select the WASH CLUB button on the car wash pay station or purchase online

How Do I Pay for My Car Wash Club?

The credit card you provided will be automatically charged on the monthly anniversary of your subscription (Example: You start your Wash Club membership on June 15th - you will be billed the 15th of every month). Don't forget new Wash Club Members get the first 2 months half off! This discount will be automatically applied and show on your monthly billing statement. 

How Often Can I Wash My Vehicle?

One time a day, as often as seven days a week. Specific wash features vary by location.

What kind of vehicle can I wash?

Although we’d love to wash every vehicle, our wash sites are limited to personal and passenger vehicles only. See wash sites for full details.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Absolutely! If you signed up for the Classic Wash and would like to upgrade to the Premium Wash Club, simply email us.

How do I cancel my Car Wash Club membership?

Please email us at least 7 days before the next billing date. No refunds are provided when cancelling service, and you will have access to car washes until the end of that month’s billing cycle. Memberships may be cancelled at any time, for any reason.

Is a RFID Tag required?

Yes. Our car washes are equipped with RFID readers, which recognize your vehicle using your RFID tag adhered to the inside of the windshield, validate your membership and make your visit quick and easy. RFID will activate only when applied to the inside of the windshield.

What if I get a new car?

Email us and we will provide you with a new RFID Tag for your car.