The Spinx Story

It is incredible to hear Stewart tell that when he first resigned his job at Shell to start Spinx "I'd still get up each morning around 5am and put on my Shell uniform and bow tie, just like I was going to work for Shell."

"I didn't tell my wife or my family that I had left the security of the job at Shell. It took me about three weeks to get up the nerve to tell them."

From then to now is a world of difference.

Stewart formed The Spinx Company in 1972 with a home heating oil delivery service and one convenience store in Greenville, SC. Today, The Spinx Company operates over 70 convenience stores in South Carolina and employs over 1,400 associates through its stores, food operations and related businesses.

Spinx continues to grow – in quantity as well as quality, as we strive to provide our customers, partners and employees with stimulating and rewarding experiences.

The Spinx Vision

To always be the friendly company that makes people's lives easier.

The Spinx Mission

Spinx is passionate about fulfilling people's everyday needs by providing quality services and products in a clean, safe and convenient environment.

We strive to operate in a fun and respectful manner that balances profit, community involvement and environmental awareness while valuing our on-the-go customers, partners and team of employees.

The Pillars

  • 1 Irresistible Offers
  • 2 Superior Performers
  • 3 Community Involvement
  • 4 Modern Business Intelligence


Executive Team

  • Stewart Spinks

    Founder and Chairman of the Board

  • Steve Spinks

    Chief Executive Officer

  • StanStorti 028 WEB

    Stan Storti

  • Greg Minton

    VP, Enigma Corporation

  • Tracie Lilly

    Chief People Officer

  • David Mitchell

    VP, ACE Energy

  • Jim Weber

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Cheryl Szczesniak

    Chief Information Officer

  • Steven Visser

    Chief Financial Officer


What does the word Spinx mean?
Spinx is a little bit of word play. Stewart Spinks founded the company in 1972 - Spinx and Spinks sound the same, but the original logo included an Egyptian Sphinx. Spinx means fast, friendly service, quality products, and value offers that make life easier.

Where does Spinx get its gas?
Spinx purchases only high quality fuel products from reputable refiners at terminals located in the southeast and delivers daily to over 100 locations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

What is your operating area?
Currently Spinx operates more than 70 stores in South Carolina and North Carolina.

What is E-85 and does Spinx sell it at every store?
E-85 is an alcohol fuel mixture that typically contains a mixture of up to 85% fuel ethanol and gasoline. Use of E-85 results in reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and energy use for each gallon burned. E-85 as a fuel is becoming increasingly common in the United States, mainly in the Midwest where corn is a major crop and is the primary source material for ethanol fuel production. E-85 should only be used in approved FlexFuel Vehicles. Ethanol is a cleaning agent and dealers recommend the fuel filter be changed when you transition a flex-fuel vehicle from gas to E85.

Spinx has made a commitment to the community to sell E-85 at a lower price than Unleaded Gas. Currently over 20 Spinx locations offer E-85 which makes it the largest E-85 retailer in the Southeast.

How can I tell if my car can run on E85?
You can visit the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition Website to check whether your vehicle can burn E85 and also how to convert an engine to accept E85.

What is the Spinx Xtras Card?
At Spinx, we want to reward our loyal customers by lowering the price they pay for gasoline. That's why we're proud to offer the Spinx Xtras Card with 3 ways to save on gas! Visit to learn more.

What is the Spinx Xtras Mobile App?
The Spinx Xtras Mobile App allows you to earn, manage and redeem gas discounts - all from your mobile device. You can even pay for gas at the pump if you link your Spinx Xtras card to your bank account. This eliminates the need of carrying your Spinx Xtras card with you at all times.