We understand that you may have some questions for us from time to time. Whether you’re curious about our Xtras program or our want to know more about our gasoline and what we offer, you’ll find plenty of information here! We get plenty of questions every day, so we compiled the most frequently asked questions and listed them and their answers below! Still have a question? Contact us!


We love our loyal customers! That is why we want to reward you with savings at the pump and inside our stores with our Xtras program. The Spinx App is the best way to maximize savings as you receive exclusive access to fuel savings, offers and more!

You can start earning rewards right away! Register in the Spinx App or online to begin.

You can view your reward’s balance in the app ‘Dashboard’ by tapping on the ‘X – Xtras’ icon in the bottom navigation panel of the app. You can also view previous fuel transactions and earned rewards here.

Yes! Download the Spinx App and choose the ‘I already have a card’ option – simply add the numbers on the back of your physical card when creating an account in the app. You then can use the Spinx App to earn and redeem rewards! If you are signed up for Xtras Pay with a physical card – when you login to the new app, your information should be recognized, and you will not need to re-enroll. If you have any problems, contact us at 864-233-5421 or email

We encourage our Xtras Members to stack fuel savings! Our average Xtras customer saves 45¢ off per gallon on their fuel purchases! However, if you have more rewards than the price of gas, you must pay a minimum price of 0.009¢ per gallon. If you are using a debit or credit card as a method of payment, the price per gallon will automatically be adjusted after you swipe your Xtras Card or enter your Alt ID, and then accept the discount at the pump. Currently, Xtras Pay cannot be used as a method of payment when your rewards are within 10¢ or are more than the current per gallon price. You will need to use another method of payment. Rewards that are not used will stay on the Spinx app or your Xtras Card and you can use them next time you fill up. Note that Spinx Xtras Rewards are valid for up to 20 gallons of gasoline and, for safety reasons, may only be used while fueling a single vehicle.

No. Spending is cumulative, so you do not have to spend $50 in one visit. Every time you shop at Spinx, your purchase balance will count toward earning your next reward (*some exclusions apply). *All fuels, alcohol, cigarettes, other tobacco products (OTP), lottery, money orders, prepay card and donations are excluded from your purchase balance and earning rewards.

You have the month you earned, plus another full month to redeem any fuel discount. Example: You earned a fuel reward on June 16th, 2023– you have until the end of July, 2023 to redeem that reward. All other offers will have their expiration dates clearly stated.

If for some reason you did not receive credit for purchasing items within our store or if the discount did not deduct from you fuel transaction, contact us at 864-233-5421 so we can add those missed rewards back to your account.

Xtras Pay is the safest way to complete transactions at our Spinx stores! With our improved bank enrollment process you can directly link your bank account within the app or on your desktop for physical cards. Your purchases at Spinx are protected by a personal PIN required during each purchase and each time you use Xtras Pay, you will receive an email detailing the transaction. There are limits set on our Xtras Pay accounts for your protection. Xtras Pay will function like an electronic check, similar to a debit card. This is not a credit card, enrolling does not affect your credit history. To enroll, you must meet the following requirements: a Spinx Xtras app/card, a U.S. checking account, an active email address, and you must be at least 18 years old.

Absolutely! Just have the cashier scan your digital Xtras Card on the homepage so that you can earn rewards and then complete the transaction with your preffered payment method.

You will need to contact Zipline’s (the provider for Xtras Pay) customer service at 1-877-403-2222. Due to security reasons, Spinx cannot see and/or change any of our customers information.

When attempting to log into your account from the Spinx App or the Xtras Pay portal on our website, there will be a button for “Forgot Password?”. Click the button and an automated email will be sent to your associated email address, guiding you through logging back into your account.

We always encourage using your Spinx App for all transactions, but you can use your phone number as an ALT ID to earn and redeem rewards. There may be an issue with your phone number being connected to multiple accounts. For security reasons, if multiple people register with the same phone number and attempt to use it as an Alt ID, it will not work. Please contact us at 864-233-5421 if this does not resolve your issue.

Yes! As of February 2024, we have released a new Xtras Card design. Whether you have the old or new, both work as normal.


Visit any one of our Spinx Ride ‘N Shine tunnel locations and one of our associates will assist you or purchase online.

The credit card you provided will be automatically charged on the monthly anniversary of your subscription (Example: You start your Wash Club membership on June 15th – you will be billed the 15th of every month). 

One time a day, as often as seven days a week. Specific wash features vary by location.

Although we’d love to wash every vehicle, our wash sites are limited to personal and passenger vehicles only. See wash sites for full details.

Absolutely! If you signed up for the Classic Wash and would like to upgrade to the Premium Wash Club, simply email us.

Visit this link to cancel your membership. Please give us at least 7 days before the next billing date. No refunds are provided when cancelling service, and you will have access to car washes until the end of that month’s billing cycle. Memberships may be cancelled at any time, for any reason.

Yes. Our car washes are equipped with RFID readers, which recognize your vehicle using your RFID tag adhered to the inside of the windshield, validate your membership and make your visit quick and easy. RFID will activate only when applied to the inside of the windshield.

Email us and we will provide you with a new RFID Tag for your car.

If you would like more information on installing the RFID tag, you can download it here


We do not import gasoline but buy it domestically, adhering to the same high EPA quality standards as all other retailers. Additionally, we purchase gasoline from distributors located on the U.S. East and Gulf coast(s).

The gasoline we offer could potentially be E10 (a blend of 90% conventional gasoline and 10% ethanol) and contain up to 10% ethanol.

No. Sometimes older vehicles may need to replace the fuel filter more frequently, but it will not harm your engine. Every car manufacturer selling vehicles in the United States approves the use of 10% ethanol blends (E10) in their engines, and in fact many recommend them.

Check your owner’s manual, but normally these items suggest an ethanol-free fuel.

There are many factors that can affect your fuel mileage: your driving style, speed, weather, traffic conditions, tire pressure, etc. E10 normally generates about 3% less power than conventional gas; however, ethanol helps clean your vehicle’s fuel intake system, which makes your engine operate more efficiently.

We offer E85 at a select number of locations. E85 contains more ethanol (85%) and is not compatible with all vehicles. It is designed specifically for “flexible fuel vehicles” or FFVs. FFVs can use gasoline, E10, or E85.

Absolutely. We are committed to providing the fastest and easiest way for customers to fuel their vehicles. Each store has a system that enables completion of credit/debit card transactions at the pump. You can also use Xtras Pay within the Spinx App! See the Xtras page for more information.


We require roughly 30 days notice to book an event.

Cash, all major credit and debit cards, Apple, Samsung, and Android Pay.

Wheat, soy, milk (dairy), and eggs are ingredients included in food items.

The Cluk Truk is 30 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 12 feet tall. We cannot serve on a sloped surface.

  • Weekly Paychecks
  • Health Care Options
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • 401k Benefits
  • Profit Sharing 
  • Vacation
  • Weekly Fuel Discount per gallon
  • Holiday Club
  • Tuition Reimbursement 
  • Premium Holiday Pay
  • Fast Track Reviews
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Career Advancement
  • Paid Time Off

Yes! We offer flexible schedules with part-time hours.

Black pants, Spinx shirt, and black slip-resistant shoes.

No, employees are required to have these shoes after they have received their second paycheck.

You can apply to as many stores as you like on our website. Staffing assistance is determined by availability, and we will try to meet your needs as best as we can.

All employees are paid weekly.

Spinx offers a competitive wage based on the market, position held, complexity of assigned tasks, experience, and education levels.

We love to promote from within. If you are looking to grow with a company, you have come to the right place. We look for exceptional performance, a great attitude, and someone who lives our Core Values when it comes to considering employees for promotion.

Yes! You can always resubmit an application on our website. Rehire status is based on the reason listed for your separation from the company. We are not obligated to rehire anyone at any time for any reason.



Use the form below to submit your fleet fuel application

Fleet Fuel Upload Form

Maximum file size: 20MB

Account Management Options

Restrict fueling to a specific day or timeframe

Limit the number of transactions per day

Restrict inside merchandise purchases

Limit purchases to Spinx stores only

Add, remove, and lock drivers

Physical Card

Xtras Registration

Use the form below to register your physical Xtras card


2-Piece Tender (Original or Spicy. Served with a roll)
3-Piece Tender (Original or Spicy. Served with a roll)

6-Piece Smoked Wings

Chicken Tender Slider

Chicken Tender Sandwich Original or Spicy

Chicken Club Sandwich Includes lettuce, mayo, tomato and bacon

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich includes pickles, mayo, lettuce

Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese Chicken, Bacon & Ranch

Buffalo Chicken Snack Wrap
BBQ Bacon Chicken Snack Wrap

1 Tender, French Fries and a Drink

Chocolate Chip or Sugar Cookie

Cole Slaw, French Fries, Mac & Cheese

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mtn Dew, Spinx Water


3-pc Tenders

465 calories

5-pc Tenders

775 calories

12-pc Tenders

1,865 calories

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