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Careers are better at Spinx.

Spinx is a family owned and operated convenience retailing business with more than 1,300 employees. When he began the company in 1972, Stewart Spinks had a vision far beyond becoming a leader in the gasoline-convenience and food industries. He wanted to develop a dynamic and diverse environment where hard-working associates could achieve their potential—and have fun doing it.

Expect high energy.

Jobs at Spinx stores are fast-paced, with a lot of variety and social interaction. Your day will go quickly, no matter how you’re helping to make our customer’s lives easier.

Expect a good challenge.

We seek the best employees and expect the best from our employees. Whether you’re a team member at a Spinx store or working behind the scenes at the Support Center, a great attitude is key to success.

Expect a host of benefits.

At Spinx, we also work to provide the best for our employees. Curious?

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Being employee-owned means we live out our Core Values and together we share in the benefits that come from these positive behaviors. 

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