Spinx purchases only high quality fuel products from reputable refiners at terminals located in the southeast and delivers daily to over 100 locations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

At Spinx, a positive customer experience starts at the pump and we want you to get the most out of your gasoline dollars. So we've implemented programs such as fuelperks! and cash/debit discount pricing structures to help you save money on every gallon of gas.

Spinx offers customers more, including at the pumps. The company is one of the leading environmental fuel providers in the Southeast.


Spinx offers Regular, Plus, and Premuim grade fuels at all locations. In order to find a store that offers one of our other varieties of fuels, please visit our Locations page.

Regular Unleaded – 87 Octane (May contain up to 10% Ethanol)

Plus Unleaded – 89 Octane (May contain up to 10% Ethanol)

Premium Unleaded – 93 Octane (May contain up to 10% Ethanol) with HiTEC-6590C additive that helps to clean intake valves and injectors which can result in:
Optimized fuel economy
Maximized power and acceleration
Reduced emissions

Puremax – Ethanol Free 87 octane fuel

Supermax – Ethanol Free 93 octane fuel with HiTEC-6590C additive

Diesel – B5 Ultra Low Sulfur, 40++ cetane rating

E-85 – Ethanol fuel blend of up to 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.

Kerosene – Clear K1 with an octane rating of 15 – 20

Off Road Diesel – 15ppm Ultra Low Sulfur

Electronic Charging Stations
Level - I and II

CNG – Compressed Natural Gas