South Carolina's Favorite Fried Chicken Can Now Come to You!

Your favorite southern fried chicken hit the road and it's been legendary. Our community comes first, and we want to share that tender love by bringing our homegrown menu to you. 

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The Spinx Chicken Story

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How far in advance does The Cluk Truk book private events?

We require roughly 30 days notice to book an event.

What types of payment are accepted on The Cluk Truk?

Cash, all major credit and debit cards, Apple, Samsung, and Android Pay.

What is the minimum amount of people The Cluk Truk will serve for a private event?

40 customers.

What allergens are included in the menu?

Wheat, soy, milk (dairy), and eggs are ingredients included in food items.

How much space is needed for The Cluk Truk to park?

The Cluk Truk is 30 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 12 feet tall. We cannot serve on a sloped surface.