Oct. 5, 2018


BI-LO recently announced that it is ending its Fuelperks program in the next few weeks. BI-LO customers will be able to continue earning Fuelperks discounts until March 26th and will have roughly one month to redeem their savings before the program officially ends on April 30th.
Spinx has been a redemption partner in the Upstate for Fuelperks since BI-LO started the program in 2009 and is sorry to see the program end.

“Fuelperks has been a great way for our shared customers to save money on gas these past eight years, so we’re disappointed to see it go away.” says Stewart Spinks, Founder and Chairman of Spinx. Spinx President, Stan Storti adds, “With Fuelperks going away, we think it’s important to let our customers know that our Spinx Xtras program is not going anywhere and if anything, it will give customers more opportunities to save on gas going forward.”

The Spinx Xtras program was launched in 2010 to compliment Fuelperks and has grown to the point that average discounts on gas are larger than Fuelperks’. Last month, Spinx Xtras customers saved 33 cents a gallon as compared to 28 cents a gallon on Fuelperks rewards redeemed at Spinx stations. Steve Spinks, CEO of Spinx stated, “Although we’re sorry to see Fuelperks go away, we’re excited about the growth we’re experiencing with Spinx Xtras now with over 50,000 customers participating. We believe that there are a lot of Fuelperks customers who will want to continue saving money on gas at Spinx and Xtras will give them that opportunity.”

Spinx Xtras provides customers with three ways to save. You earn 5 cents off per gallon for every $25 you spend inside of Spinx when you swipe your card or scanning your app when you check out. (A few exclusions do apply.) Spending is cumulative so customers do not have to spend all $25 in one visit. Also, customers earn instant fuel discounts when they purchase “XtraSpecial items” which change periodically. Lastly, Upstate customers earn an additional discount of 5 cents a gallon when they pay for fuel with their Xtras account by linking it to their Debit Card. Customers can start saving with the Spinx Xtras program by picking up a card at their nearest Spinx.