The Spinx Xtras app is convenient and easy! Use the Spinx Xtras app to pay at the pump, or inside the store, check your rewards balance, and redeem your rewards.

Enter your Spinx Xtras card number into the app to easily access and redeem your rewards. 

Select your favorite Spinx store and check real time fuel prices as well as your personalized price for gas at that store based on the Spinx Xtras rewards you have accrued—all on the homescreen.

Paying for gas or in-store purchases with the app is easy—just scan at the pump or register and then enter your PIN. Make sure you have your Spinx Xtras card tied to your checking account to do this. And remember, when you pay for gasoline with your Spinx Xtras card, you automatically get another 5¢ off per gallon!

The Spinx Xtras app – the easy and convenient way to earn and redeem gas discounts!

Xtras App Benefits

Spinx Xtras Rewards

View this month's Spinx Xtraspecials! and check your card’s balance.

Scan at Pump

Scan the QR code on the pump and select your rewards card, payment and fueling amount. If you haven’t linked your checking account yet, you can still swipe a credit card at the pump to pay. Once you are done fueling, you can e-mail yourself the receipt.

Scan at Register

Use the app like you would swipe your card. Just scan your phone.

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